2009’s Finer Moments… Part 1

As I mentioned in my first post, year-end lists are inevitable. This is the first installment of Little Umbrellas’ year in review, with at least one, maybe two more parts to come. There will be a list of my favorite records of the year, at some point, but first I’d like to give some attention to a few other catagories:

Favorite Music Blog of 2009

This one was kind of easy. While there are many blogs I read on a fairly regular basis, there are few I anticipate reading as much as Captain’s Dead. There’s a lot of variety on this site. News items, tips on new (or new to me) bands, and plenty of live recordings. What I really enjoy is the constant inclusion of song downloads. If someone tells me about how great a band is, I want to hear for myself. Captain’s Dead always includes a song or two from the band. There are tons a great live recordings posted here which always makes this site worth a visit. Do yourself a favor and visit now.

Favorite Record Label of 2009

There were a lot of contenders in this category, but ultimately I chose a label that left me eagerly anticipating their records, and based on the records I bought, was never disappointed. While others were great, for my money, nobody was as intriguing as New York’s Woodsist Records. The label’s Kurt Vile record alone would have put them pretty high on my list, but throw in Real Estate, Wavves, Woods and Ganglians and suddenly these guys are heavyweights. Please, pretty please, buy their records!


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