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Downtime… July 24, 2010

Our ongoing computer issues continued to cripple us this month, however… all is now right with the world and we are back on track. So, we put the mess of the last two months behind us and deliver a new installment of downtime.

High on Fire reissues!!!

Relapse is reissuing a few of High on Fire’s greatest albums on LP. That’s right, no longer do you need to spend upwards of $100 on eBay to get Blessed Black Wings on vinyl. Head on over to Relapse and get it for only $22. While you’re there you can add Death is this Communion and Surrounded By Thieves for $22 each,  as well. As of this writing they also have a great sale price of $16.50 on High on Fire’s latest Snakes for the Divine. Don’t miss out!

Captured Tracks

Wow, talk about a label worth exploring! Brooklyn’s Captured Tracks has been slowly but surely making their presence known for the last year or two with a solid slate of quality releases. Admittedly, I’m a bit late to the game with these guys, but I refuse to believe I’m the only one. This is one of those labels where I’d heard of very few of their bands, but almost every one sounds like they’d be pretty amazing. Take some time and check out two fantastic new records on this label – Wild Nothing’s Gemini LP and Beach Fossils’ self titled LP. Both records are getting a lot of love from the press lately and it’s certainly warranted.

Guided By Voices

I’m sure I don’t need to mention it, but how about that Guided By Voices reunion tour!!!! I won’t go into details because it’s been in the news constantly. Just noting our excitement. Thanks for indulging us.


Sorry for the interruption….

If you’ve been reading this blog you’ve probably already left us for dead. It’s been just over two months since the last post. We’re really sorry about that. No really, we are. A series of computer issues and personal obligations really set things back for us, but the end is in sight. Computer issues are nearly resolved and summer lies ahead like an open, uncluttered landscape. The long and short of the situation is that we’ll be back in action any day now, actually probably later today. Next legitimate post is nearly ready to go… you’re excited I know, but wait just a bit longer…..