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Downtime…. June 21, 2010

Downtime. Hopefully we all get at least a few minutes of this everyday. We here at Little Umbrellas are taking it upon ourselves to make sure you have something to do with your downtime by starting a new weekly feature that we hope you’ll enjoy. Downtime will highlight a few things we’ve discovered or found entertaining in the last week. So, to kick things off, here are two things we’ve been really into this week….


That’s right, the primary medium of our youth is making a quiet but forceful comeback. Remember the 80’s and early 90’s when the cassette was the people’s medium? You made mix tapes, demo tapes, dub tapes…. whatever. They were cheaper than the CD, more portable, and seemed both modern and retro. The best thing about cassettes was the tiny cassette labels that were a dime-a-dozen back in the day. Everybody had a tape label; literally thousands of bands had a cheap outlet for their music and these fantastic little labels fostered and fueled an entire facet of the indie-rock scene. Well, thankfully it’s happening again. Afer being all but squashed by the once mighty CD, tapes and the labels that love them are slowly working their way back into the scene. This time, I think cassette labels will not just be an easy outlet for every local Joe with a band, this time I predict tape labels will be the new taste-makers. Really interesting experimental music is finding its way to cassette and happily thriving in the medium. A lot of other sounds are  popping up on tape labels, but more importantly, new sounds are being born here. If you feel like music is a bit stagnant these days, take a chance on some hot new cassettes. This is the place to experiment. For the price of one CD or LP you can pick up two or three cassettes and here two or three bands doing some really imaginative stuff. Our two favorite tape labels as of today are Plustapes and  Sweat Lodge Guru. Plustapes is a pretty fantastic label that’s been at this for some time now. Everything we’ve heard from these guys has been quality. Sweat Lodge Guru is a brand new label from the folks who run the amazing OMG Vinyl blog. The first four releases are available now. While we have yet to hear these releases we hope to very soon. Considering one of the tapes is from These Wonderful Evils, we’re pretty convinced this label will be a winner. Please check these two labels out and send them a few of your hard-earned $$$. We’re betting you’ll be more than satisfied.


It’s summer as of today and what goes better with the hot weather than Lemonade. The drink is nice and all, but we’re even more in love with the CocoRosie single of the same name. The track is from their new Sub Pop album Grey Oceans and it’s nothing short of genius. Please see the video documentation provided.

Hope this keeps you busy for the week. Thanks for sticking around and it’s good to be back.


The Flaming Lips give the best holiday gifts!

If you were to find a present from the Flaming Lips under your holiday shrubbery this season, what do you think it would be? Some records? Some Oklahoma City swag? How about a pony? Think again folks. This year the Lips are selling Silver Trembling Fetus ornaments. The whole thing is so insane Wayne Coyne recorded the incredible video message below to tell us all about it. Happy shopping!!

Is There Nothing We Could Do?

Just when I was starting to think Badly Drawn Boy might fade into obscurity, I find that he’s about to release a new album. The new record, titled Is There Nothing We Could Do?, is set for release in the UK on December 14; I have yet to find a release date for the US. If anybody has information on a US release date please let me know. The album is a soundtrack to the ITV motion picture The Fattest Man In Britain.

Here’s the title track from the record. I’m thinking this one could be pretty great. Judge for yourself.

You can pre-order the album on Badly Drawn Boy’s site now.